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Project Uplift

Imagine being unemployed for months and not being able to provide food or shelter for your family or yourself. Now, imagine being given an opportunity to work again. To have a home you can call your own once again.

Established with the vision of making individuals and families self-sufficient again, Project Uplift empowers those who have suffered the brunt of armed conflict. The program helps people in Yemen, like a school teacher who stopped receiving his salary once the war began.

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Project Uplift

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Creating Opportunities

Project Uplift provides new opportunities for individuals and families, given their newfound circumstances.

As a result of the civil war in Yemen, many families have lost their breadwinners who have joined the war or died. Job loss and the failure of the state to pay civil servants, teachers, and healthcare workers have resulted in a major impact on the livelihood of citizens.

After recognizing that people want to return to work and be independent, HRD has developed Project Uplift to provide hope and initial support for families. Beneficiaries receive a new start as we provide them with a year of free rent, furniture, and home renovation support. Any required job training or initial business start-up finances are covered to ensure the beneficiary can proudly earn a living.

Going Beyond

Alongside helping families, Project Uplift also aims to help orphans as children are the most vulnerable group in Yemen’s conflict.

During conflict and displacement situations, the role of the child in the family shifts to that of a laborer as families prioritize survival over education. A lack of education opportunities for young people increases their risk of recruitment by militias or being forced into early marriages. Attacks on infrastructure and lack of hard assets make it difficult for children to thrive.

HRD offers protection and shelter, supporting children’s access to education, medical care, and healthy food through empowering and edifying means.

Restoring Hope

HRD stresses the importance of a diverse community, which is why host and IDP orphans are selected as beneficiaries, alongside representatives of children with disabilities. We also focus on child-headed households attaining a full education. 

We understand the need to know more about the needs of targeted families, with children and refugees’ environments. Therefore, the HRD project team conducts home visits to assess the families’ social, physical, mental, educational, and economic situation. At HRD, our goal is to facilitate long-term and sustainable change in the lives of those in need. Project Uplift is meant to provide people who have fallen in hard times with a new chance for self-sufficiency.

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