Medical Relief

Project Medical Relief seeks to alleviate the financial burden of receiving medical assistance for Yemenis. In Yemen, most civilians can’t receive the healthcare services they desperately need. 

Frequent airstrikes and conflicts have resulted in some hospital closures due to being hit or previous deplorable conditions. Destruction of infrastructure from the attacks makes the condition worse.

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Medical Relief

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What if saving your life was an operation away?

Healthcare workers sometimes have to go without salaries and operational costs in some facilities due to limited finances. The situation puts vulnerable populations like children at higher risk of dying from malnutrition and diseases. In September 2020, the UN Situation reported the closure of health facilities caring for 1.8 million people. Reduced food aid for 8 million people during the famine made the conditions worse for the population.

There are 19.7 million people without access to basic health services, and less than 50 percent of health facilities are functioning. War wounds, famine, cholera, COVID-19, and torrential rains have all combined to impact the population and a fragile healthcare system. Moreover, Yemen’s fuel crisis has led to an increase in the cost of essential items, healthcare, and transport.

Resolve to Provide Relief

Understanding the deplorable condition of the health sector in Yemen led us to action. We can provide medical aid to the most vulnerable areas through our partners. The program has saved thousands of lives who may have risked death from preventable diseases.

Healthcare Aid for Yemenis

At HRD, we don't want people to be pushed to choose between food and their health. Through Project Medical Relief, we reach out and help those who don't have the financial means to pay for medical services. When someone needs an operation or some other form of medical care, we help cover for those expenses. We hope to make the Yemeni population healthier and stronger by covering for someone's medical care.

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