Smile of a Child

Picture a child suffering from a chronic illness without access to treatment. Yemeni citizens are struggling with the destruction of basic infrastructure and services that are essential for daily life. Years of ongoing war have made an already weak system be left in ruin. With 22.2 million requiring assistance as stated by the World Health Organization, medical systems are exceeding their capacity and medical supplies

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Smile of a Child

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Help the less fortunate suffering from illness particularly children.

Only 50 percent of the health facilities are functioning, and 19.7 million people lack access to basic health services. Leaving those with chronic illnesses like cancer patients with only the hope of survival, particularly children who are already suffering from malnutrition. Without access to basic services and supplies in the health, sanitation, and food sectors, young children and mothers face heightened risk of exposure to infectious diseases.
Taking the initiative to help those sick with cancer has made us proud of our Smile of a Child project. From 2018-2019, it was aimed at improving and developing a health center for Leukemia patients within the Kuwait Hospital located in Sana’a, by cleaning and removing waste both internally and from the surrounding environment. Additionally, we aimed to rejuvenate the playground / garden and public rooms in proportion to the needs of children and their health status.

Bringing Hope to Children

The project was a huge success, improving the conditions within the hospital and boosting morale for both the staff and the children.

This project was motivated by a quote by Richard Knittle Jr. “Putting a smile on a child’s face can change the world, Maybe not the whole world but at least their world!”. Consider joining us in our mission to bring joy into the lives of the suffering Yemeni people.