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We've Rebranded!

We realize that there are many organizations out there doing what they do and so we wanted to highlight the unique qualities that make us unique from the rest of the altruistic groups. Rebranding has brought about a new logo that signifies the stages of humanitarian aid, relief, and development that our beneficiaries have achieved.

What our New Brand Identity Represents?

The Humanitarian Aid section of the logo with the orange person represents all those who need help in times of crisis. The symbol of three people shows how Humanity for Relief and Development works with different members of society to bring change to under-served areas of the world through community outreach services like Mercy BakeryProject UpliftOrphanage and other initiatives, including medical aid. 

The blue person represents Relief and how Humanity for Relief and Development empowers people to stand on their own by providing them with the resources they require to be self-sufficient. When this stage is reached, communities have been given the skills and tools they need to survive and thrive in a crisis.

The final section of the new Humanity for Relief and Development logo is Development – a green person rising symbolizes how HRD helps communities find solutions to continue their Development with growth plans forwarding progress within their specific industries, like education or technology. When this stage is reached, it means that communities can push forward even during times of peace, no longer trapped in the cycle of need.

Humanity for Relief and Development realizes that humanitarian aid, Relief, and Development are not discrete stages but go through cycles. Our logo is meant to show that every step they take is one of service, with our ultimate goal being self-sustainability.

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