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Our Story

At a Glance:

  • We Operate 10 Bakeries and 8 Kitchens
  • We Are Helping Orphans in Yemen, Providing Clean Water and Assisting With Medical Aid
  • Serve Four Countries in Three Continents


Humble Beginnings

Our story began back in 2018, when our CEO and Founder, Maeen Ali, received the devastating news that his brother died in the conflict in Yemen, leaving behind his wife and five young children. 

Maeen, who was living in the US by then, couldn’t sit on the other side of the world and not do anything. 

To support his family in Yemen, alongside other families in the community who lost their breadwinners in the conflict, he built a bakery that provided fresh bread on a daily basis. 

Other neighborhoods were soon asking for their own bakeries – hence our flagship project was born, Mercy Bakery. 

We now boast 10 bakeries across Yemen, Pakistan and Türkiye, with plans to expand into other corners of the world soon.

Not Just Bread

While Mercy Bakery is our most famed project, it’s not the only way we’re helping people.
Mercy Kitchen was established to provide hot meals, such as chicken, rice and vegetables, and we now have eight kitchens in Yemen, Pakistan and Türkiye.
We know how important it is to nurture the future, and that’s why we renovated Dar Al-Shawkani Orphanage and School in Yemen.

The orphanage, which now has a bakery and kitchen inside, houses 130 children, with another 140 students commuting to the school each day.

In Ibb, in Yemen, we built a solar-powered water system that pumps clean, filtered water directly to each villagers’ house, saving them hours of tedious labor each day. Prior to the water system, villagers were forced to descend a dangerous mountain path to collect water.

n 2022, we paid for 25 emergency medical operations, supplied 800 blood bags for leukemia patients, and paid the Al-Shafaqa Foundation’s rent at a hospital so they can continue providing healthcare for patients with kidney failure and cancer. It’s you, our donors, who play a huge part in our story, and through your gracious support we will continue to help people living in some of the most vulnerable communities.

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