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The Importance of Operational Expenses

Why Donate to Our Operational Expenses?

At HRD, we understand that trust is the foundation of any successful charitable organization. That's why we take the trust of our donors very seriously. We believe that every donor should have the confidence that their hard-earned money is being used effectively and efficiently towards the cause they care about.

We created our operations expense page to provide our donors with an additional opportunity to contribute towards the essential behind-the-scenes work required to keep our organization running smoothly. While we strive to ensure that every penny our donors give goes directly towards the project or cause they have donated to, there are still other expenses that we need to cover to keep our organization going.

How Your Contribution Will Be Used

Your support towards operational expenses will help us improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our organization, which ultimately benefits the cause. Here's how your contributions will be used:

Your donations will fund:




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