Mission One Million Iftars

The Holy Month of Giving

Help Us Distribute 1 Million Iftars This Ramadan!

Making A Difference Through Iftar

This year, our goal is to make a real difference for those who are impoverished in countries of Yemen, Pakistan, Turkyie, and Syria.  With an aim of delivering one million Iftars, we want to ensure that no one goes without food or comfort during this blessed time of Ramadan.

Providing iftar to those who are hungry is perhaps one of the most beautiful acts that can be done during the Ramadan season. Seeing the smiles on peoples’ faces when they break their fast with a sweet taste and nourishing food that gives them sustenance to carry on through the day, is an incomparable feeling. 

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Mission 1 Million Iftars

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Goal to 1 Million Iftar

Giving iftar is not just an act of ibadah; it also brings a sense of contentment in the heart and leaves one with a deep sense of fulfillment for performing this selfless act of charity and kindness. This barakah that comes with providing iftar to those in need is undeniably indeed immense, and will benefit us long after Ramadan is over.

Iftar Package Costs

Our Iftar meal packages are priced at $1 per meal for Yemen and Pakistan, and $3 per meal for Turkey and Syria. However, for your convenience, we have set an average cost of $2 per meal, which will make it easier for you to determine the number of meals you are donating for. We will split the total Iftars donated equally between cost of meals so that everyone can contribute to this noble cause.

Your donation, no matter how small, will make a significant difference in the lives of those who are suffering from hunger and poverty in Yemen, Pakistan, Turkey, and Syria. Your contribution will bring relief to those who need it the most during this blessed time of Ramadan.

A donation of $50 provides 25 Iftar meals, $100 provides 50 meals, $250 provides 125 meals, $500 provides 250 meals, $1000 provides 500 meals, and $2500 provides 1250 meals.

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