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Ramadan Meals On Wheels

The Holy Month of Giving
Help Us Deliver Hope and Nourishment This Blessed Month

Wheels of Mercy

Our Ramadan Meals on Wheels program is designed to bring food and comfort to those in need who are unable to come to our mercy bakery/kitchen locations by personally going to villages and serving food. During this holy month, many people, especially the elderly and those with disabilities, struggle to access nutritious food and are at risk of going hungry. Our team is dedicated to travels to communities and villages, bringing food and iftar directly to those in need.

You can help make a real difference in the lives of those who need it most. Your donation will go directly to providing food and support to those in need, making this Ramadan a time of comfort, nourishment, and community for all. Join us in our mission to combat hunger and spread compassion during this holy month 

Deliver Hope This Ramadan

Together we can bring a sense of hope to people in need during this special moth. Ramadan can be a difficult and lonely time for those who are struggling with poverty, hunger, and isolation, but our your donation helps bring comfort, support, and a sense of community to those who need it most.

By providing access to nutritious food, we can meet one of the most basic needs of all, reducing feelings of anxiety and hopelessness related to hunger. The act of providing food and support to those in need is an expression of kindness and generosity, which can inspire hope and help people feel seen and valued, even in difficult times. meal after a full day of fasting. Please donate now, let’s deliver food and hope together.

Nourish The Hungry Today

Mercy Mobile Meals

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