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Flood Relief

The recent floods in Libya have led to catastrophic outcomes. Storm Daniel, a massive Mediterranean tempest, hit the eastern coastal city of Derna, causing thousands of confirmed deaths and leaving at least 10,000 people missing.

The situation is critical, and the people of Libya urgently need our assistance.

Libya Relief Fund

Libya Flood Relief

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Immediate Relief Efforts in Libya

Our emergency response team is working around the clock to raise funds and provide immediate assistance.  Please donate today, together, let’s provide food and temporary shelter and bring relief to a dire situation.

The scale of the disaster is beyond imagination. Entire neighborhoods have been washed away, dams have burst, and families are torn apart. Humanity For Relief & Development is on the ground, working tirelessly to provide life-saving essentials. Send support to Libya today!

Beyond Immediate Relief: A Long-Term Vision for Libya

While our immediate focus is on providing emergency relief, the road to recovery for Libya will be long and fraught with challenges. The destruction caused by Storm Daniel has not only claimed lives but also destroyed homes, schools, and vital infrastructure. Your generous contribution will extend beyond immediate relief; it will fund long-term projects aimed at rebuilding communities and restoring hope.
We are committed to standing with the people of Libya, not just in the wake of this disaster but in the months and years that follow. With your support, we can help rebuild shattered lives and ensure that communities are better prepared for future emergencies.
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