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The Devastating Impact of Floods on Water Scarcity in Pakistan: How HRD Global is Helping

Main Image Credit: Times of Islamabad

Flood Impacts In Pakistan

It’s truly staggering to think that a country like Pakistan, which is no stranger to floods and heavy monsoon seasons, is now facing a water crisis of unprecedented proportions. The recent floods that swept through the country were catastrophic, submerging over a third of the nation and affecting more than 33 million people. But as the waters receded, a new problem emerged: the lack of access to clean drinking water.

According to a report by Doctors Without Borders, water accessibility is one of Pakistan’s most pressing issues, with aid workers warning that the non-availability of clean water is leading to a rise in diseases across the country.

The Statistics are Eye-Watering

  • Over 40 contaminants have been found in the water, including fecal bacteria, nitrates, pesticides, and arsenic
  • These contaminants are leading to diarrhea, cholera, dengue, malaria, hepatitis A & E, typhoid, bone diseases, and shortness of breath in infants
  • Over four million children are still living near contaminated and stagnant flood waters, risking their survival and well-being
  • The crisis is also taking a greater toll on women and children, as they are often the ones responsible for carrying water, a process that takes hours per day and leads to children having to skip school
 pakistan water crisis statistics
Eye watering stats in Pakistan Water Crisis

Opposites Attract: Floods and Water Scarcity

It’s difficult to imagine how a country can experience both floods and water scarcity at the same time, yet this is the reality in Pakistan. 

  • The contamination of drinking water supplies
  • The destruction of water management systems
  • The overflowing sanitation systems
  • The collection of stagnant water 

These factors all contribute to this crisis! The need for clean and safe drinking water is more urgent than ever.

Climate Change and Pakistan's Water Crisis

Climate change is exacerbating the situation, with Lahore and Karachi expected to experience increasing levels of water stress in the coming decades. As the demand for water increases, the supply dwindles

At HRD Global it’s our duty to take action. That’s why we’re building bakeries in Pakistan to help feed the people affected by the floods. We’re also working to improve clean water access by building water pumps and  projects that address water management, filtration, and conservation. But we can’t do it alone.

How can YOU help the people of Pakistan?

By becoming a donor, you can help us make a real difference in Pakistan. Your donation will go towards building bakeries, improving access to clean water, and providing other vital services. 

Together, we can help ensure that the people of Pakistan have access to the basic necessities of life, even in the face of devastating floods and water scarcity.

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