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Food Truck

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The Food Truck.

Cooking up a better World, One Mile at a time

What is the Mercy Food Truck?

Mercy Food Truck is our new U.S. hunger solution. This effort builds on our Mercy Bakery and Kitchen's years of helping underprivileged countries.

Delivering wholesome meals to homeless individuals is our goal. No matter what, everyone deserves to eat well. Help the homeless and feed as many as possible!

Our generous donors drive this effort. Your gifts make the impossible possible, changing countless lives. We started helping Yemenis, but we've always known our purpose is global.

Resource limits are difficult, but with your assistance, we are making daily progress toward a future without hunger. Mercy Kitchen Truck, One Mile At A Time.


How Will Mercy Food Truck Make an Impact?

Mercy Truck is not your typical food truck. It represents our commitment to combatting hunger and serves as a beacon of hope for those struggling with food scarcity. We journey to areas where access to food is a challenge – from dense urban neighborhoods to remote rural communities, ensuring no one is left behind.

Mercy Truck comes equipped with a state-of-the-art kitchen, giving us the ability to cook a variety of wholesome meals right on the spot. Our menu changes daily, but our commitment to quality never wavers. Each dish we serve is not only delicious but also nutritionally balanced, made with locally-sourced ingredients whenever possible.

How You Can Support and Contribute!

Supporting The Mercy Food Truck isn’t just about giving money – it’s about becoming part of a community committed to fighting hunger. This isn’t an easy project, and we can’t do it alone. We need your help to keep our mission moving forward.

Our first challenge is getting the truck – our mobile kitchen. Your donations will directly contribute to the purchase and upkeep of this critical vehicle. Once we have the truck, we can begin delivering meals where they are desperately needed.

But our journey doesn’t end with buying the truck. We need to keep it filled with healthy, nutritious food to distribute to those in need. This requires ongoing support, and every bit of help counts. Please Donate Today!