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Feeding Migrant Communities This Eid

Eid is one of the most important days in the Muslim calendar, and while it is a time of celebration that is traditionally enjoyed with family, not everyone is able to spend the day with their loved ones.

That’s why we spent this Eid feeding hungry migrants at the Islamic Foundation of New York in Queens, New York City.

There are over 44 million people in the US living in food insecure households

Maeen Ali, our Founder, said: “They say that charity starts at home, and while we are and always will be committed to feeding some of the world’s poorest communities, if we are to combat hunger globally then we must also look outside in our own backyard.

“Eid should be spent surrounded by those that are nearest and dearest to us. Unfortunately, some people aren’t only away from their families during this special time, but are also in a strange new country.

“The people that we fed and spent time with this Eid come from a host of different countries, from Guinea and Mali, to Mexico and Peru, in search of better opportunities for them and their families. This Eid, we weren’t just sharing a meal with people who had newly arrived in the US, we were offering friendship and letting them know that they are being seen and listened to.”

In total, we fed provided almost 400 meals.

We provided enough food to feed close to 400 people

As of 2022, there were over 44 million people in the US living in food insecure households, according to the USDA. The NYC Mayor’s Office of Food Policy annual 2022 Food Metrics Annual Report, meanwhile, claims that an estimated 1.2 million New York City residents are food insecure.

Our Mercy Food truck was launched at the beginning of this year and has been visiting Masjids in the New York City area. By partnering with local food establishments, we are helping to feed the hungry closer to home. While it is currently based in New York City, we hope to be hitting the road in the near future and taking the food truck to other cities in the US soon.

People who had recently arrived from countries including Guinea, Mali, Peru and Mexico enjoyed warm meals

You can find out more about the Mercy Food Truck and how to support here.

Yemen Cafe kindly supplied the food this Eid, which consisted of rice, lamb and chicken.

Yemen Cafe in Brooklyn provided warm, nutritious meals of rice, lamb and chicken
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