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Febuary 2023 Project Report


 Mission: To improve the lives of individuals and families affected by the war in Yemen through a range of
sustainable projects, providing tangible results with a positive impact. 

 A Non-governmental, 501 (c) (3) charitable organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering caused by the ongoing
conflict in Yemen. Officially established in New York City in 2018, from its more informal beginnings in 2015, HRD is
the result of friends and community pulling together to find a way to help those less fortunate

During the month of February, the following activities took place:

Mercy Bakery & Mercy Kitchen update                                                                                              (FEB2023)

Mercy Bakery san1: Location: Sana’a – Hayel

      • We provided 1950 individuals 3456 loaves of bread daily.


    Mercy Bakery san2 & Mercy kitchen san1: Location: Sana’a – Al-Hasaba

      • We provided 1866 individuals 3060 loaves of bread daily. 
      • We provided 396 individuals 66 meals of breakfast daily.


    Mercy Bakery san3: Location: Sana’a – 16 st

      • We provided 1920 individuals 3090 loaves of bread daily.


    Mercy Bakery Hodeia 1 & Mercy Kitchen hod1: Location: Al-Hodeida – Al-Salakhana

      • We provided 1980 individuals 3025 loaves of bread daily.
      • On February 8, 2023 1 additional sack of flour was added for the new 660 individual beneficiaries.
      • From February 1 to February 7,2023 we provided 1320 individuals 220 meals of breakfast daily.
      • From February 8 to February 28,2023 we provided 1980 individuals 330 meals of breakfast daily.


    BAKERY HODEIDA 2 & MERCY KITCHEN HODEIDA 2: Location: Al-Hodeida – Workers city

      • We provided 1980 individuals 3300 loaves of bread daily. 
      • We provided 1980 individuals 330 meals of breakfast daily



    Mercy Bakery ibb1 & mercy kitchen ibb1: Location: IBB – Ba’adan 

      • We provided 3090 individuals 5120 loaves of bread daily. 
      • We provided 3090 individuals 515 meals of breakfast daily. 
      • HRD is planning to increase the number of beneficiaries to 3600 in March 2023.


    Mercy Bakery ibb2 & mercy kitchen ibb2: Location: IBB – Jibla

      • We provided 1980 individuals 3390 loaves of bread daily. 
      • We provided 1980 individuals 330 meals of breakfast daily. 
      • HRD is planning to increase the number of beneficiaries to 3000 in March 2023.


    Mercy Bakery BAY1 & mercy kitchen BAY1: Location: Al-Baydha – Rada’a

    • We provided 1800 individuals 3300 loaves of bread daily. 
    • We provided 1800 individuals 300 meals of breakfast daily.


    Mercy Bakery tai1: Location: Taiz – Turba

    HRD started to pay the rent of the shops since September 2022.

    Mercy Bakeries total production                                                                                                      (FEB023)



    MERCY BAKERY & MERCY KITCHEN – INDIVIDUALS PER GOVERNORATE                                                                                    


    While all equipment and items of the bakeries that are located outside of Sana’a are delivered from Sana’a (the high quality and the availability is only in Sana’a) the following challenges and risks might be encountered:

      • Are exposed to the risk of highway robbery.
      • Difficulties of using highway roads that are not maintained.
      • Delivering the goods from Sana’a costs more.
      • Delivering the goods through a company is recommended to deliver the goods securely.
      • The continuous increase in prices of goods and foodstuff while the value of the USD is going down.
      • There is a huge crisis in the availability of fuel as the petrol and cooking gas are mostly not available in the market with official prices, and scarcely available in black market with high prices.


      • The individuals are served with high quality of loaves and food.
      • No issues were raised by the local authorities or the health office in all branches.
      • No change in the staff and the staff number.
      • After building a good working relationship with the tradesmen, HRD sometimes receive flour in advance from them and
        pay them back few days later (due to the delay encountered in bank transactions and transfer). 
      • Beneficiaries are selected by a field survey done by the staff without the interference of the neighborhood leader,
        (noting that we don’t rely on local organizations/corporations nor the authorities field surveys). 
      • Recently in the past few months the price of the flour sack went down 15%.

    The criteria of the beneficiary’s selection:

    Low income, orphans, displaced, widows, women with no foster, divorced women.

    DAR AL-SHAWKANI ORPHANAGE – COOK                                                                                                                                                

    An Orphanage is the last hope for orphans where they can get a home, friends, and someone to take care of them or from where they can be adopted and get new family, where they can have a hope of having a good future, unfortunately most orphanages don’t even have facilities to provide orphans a basic happy and better life – HRD is supporting and targeting this orphanage with rehabilitation and different projects: 

      •  Paying cook wage on monthly basis. 
      • Enhancement and establishment in some of Dar Al-Shawkani premises (project study process). 
      • HRD provided different type of food for the 150 orphans in Dar Al-Shawkani Orphanage for 11 days:
        – Day 1: Raw meat (for Al-Shawkani kitchen) and dessert.
        – Day 2: Raw fish (for Al-Shawkani kitchen)
        – Day 3: Fruits (Watermelons and Bananas) 
        – Day4: Fruits (Muskmelon and Bananas) 
        – Day 5: Fruits (Oranges, Apples and Bananas)
        – Day 6: Raw chicken (for Al-Shawkani kitchen)
        – Day 7: Cake
        – Day 8: Grilled chicken
        – Day 9: Raw fish (for Al-Shawkani kitchen)
        – Day 10: Fruits (Oranges, Apples and Bananas)
        – Day 11: Raw meat (for Al-Shawkani kitchen)

    AL-SHAFAQAA FOUNDATION                                                                                                             

    Cancer And Kidney Failure Foundation

      • Rent payment, duration: December 2022 – May 2023.

    WATER TRUCKS                                                                                               

    Water trucking has played a pivotal role in addressing basic water needs for living and hygiene, direct water trucking is an important and common relief intervention for vulnerable and needy families, with water being transported over long distances to people in areas with high population and no permanent water points.

      • 2 locations in Sana’s governorate, in 60 st road.
      • 2 trucks a month for each location. 
      • Total: 4 water trucks

    CASH ASSISTANCES                                                                                                                                          

    The cash assistance project 

    Giving cash to people affected by crisis, debts and health issues is an effective, efficient and transparent way of providing
    humanitarian assistance and response to the most vulnerable. It ensures people have the freedom, dignity and independence
    to decide on their own recovery.

    Total number of beneficiaries in February: 102
    Total cash assistance amount: 39300000

    After conducting need verification every beneficiary is provided with the necessary cash amount needed.

    Medical emergency update                                                                                                             

    One of the most important project sections of HRD that targets the most urgent and vulnerable health cases. 

    These criteria of the selected patients are:

    Low income, vulnerable families, health and emergency needs noting that there is no direct cash assistance, payments are made through hospitals and pharmacies.

    HRD has targeted the following patients:

      • Burns and gangrene treatment for Samar Salim from Hodeida in Care health center, under treatment.
      • Back treatment due to burns for Abdullah Jafar Al-Shaobi in Care health center, under treatment.es for 2 months.  

    Ebbsar Center – Blind Association

    For compensatory and functional academic skills, including communication modes 

    The major objective of this center is to prepare these children to face the outside world, preparing them to sense emergencies like fire, gas leak, smoke, etc, teaching them how to use computers, learn braille, be proficient in sports and different arts and be just as active as the ‘normal’ children. 

    On February 26, 2023 HRD started distributing a number of 120 loaves for 120 individuals in the center to cover the shortage of bread, HRD will continue distributing the bread till March 20, 2023. 

    The center will be closed for Ramadan and summer holidays till September 2023. HRD is planning to make need assessment for the center in September and support them by covering their essential needs.


      • 90% of the projects processing (preparation, planning and implementation) are going well.
      • Through the staff effective teamwork, HRD managed to overcome the circumstances encountered. 
      • The projects are planned and implemented in steady steps with the coordination of the finance department and the management.
      • The problems that have been raised are usually from the targeted parties’ heads and the local authorities.
      • With Small sized staff, HRD managed to handle many projects successfully.We provided 1980 individuals 3300 loaves of bread daily.

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