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Education in Yemen

Education is important in order to eliminate poverty in Yemen. HRD Goal is to make sure that all children have access to good education.

There are problems with teacher quality and having enough instructional materials available. Lastly, areas affected by emergencies or conflict pose an additional challenge to getting children educated.

Donate To Education In Yemen


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Nearly Half Of All Children Are Not Getting Education In Yemen

Yemen is facing an education crisis. Because of displacement, education in Yemen is at an all time low. Nearly half of all children in the country are not attending school, and those who are attending are often not receiving a quality education. This crisis has a number of causes, including poverty, conflict, and a lack of access to schools.
The consequences of this education crisis are dire. Without an education, children are more likely to live in poverty, become involved in crime, and contract diseases. They are also less likely to be able to find jobs and support themselves or their families.
That is why HRD is working to improve education in Yemen. By fundraising and supporting education initiatives, we hope to give Yemeni children the opportunity for a brighter future. Our efforts will focus on building schools, providing supplies and resources, and offering teacher training programs.
Your support can make a difference in the lives of Yemeni children. Please consider donating to HRD and helping us improve education in Yemen. Together, we can give children the chance to succeed and build a better future for their country.

Bringing Hope To Children With Education In Yemen

Every day, children in Yemen are facing an uphill battle to get an education. In a country devastated by conflict, nearly two million children are out of school. For those who do attend, classes are often overcrowded and facilities are in dire need of repair.

Many teachers have not been paid in months, and as a result, some have been forced to abandon their classrooms altogether. HRD is committed to helping fight the education crisis in Yemen. We are providing support for school equipment, helping to renovate schools, and paying for teachers' salaries. But we need your help.

Please donate now and help us give Yemeni children the chance to succeed. Thank you.

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