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April 2022 Project Report

Overview April 2022

Mission: To improve the lives of individuals and families affected by the war in Yemen through a range of sustainable projects, providing tangible results with a positive impact.

A Non-governmental, 501 (c) (3) charitable organization dedicated to alleviating the suffering caused by the ongoing conflict in Yemen. Officially established in New York City in 2018, from its more informal beginnings in 2015, HRD is the result of friends and community pulling together to find a way to help those less fortunate.

What we did in the Month of April

Mercy Bakery – Sana’a Hayel

We were able to feed 10022 people coming out to 325 families with the average family size being 6 and the average loaves of bread to each family being 10. With your assistance, together, we were able to bake 1000224 loaves of bread out of 87 sacks of flour.

Mercy Bakery & Kitchen – Sana’a Al-Hasaba

Our main focus was to make sure the people of Al-Hasaba are provided food to eat to break their fast during Ramadan. Thanks to your support we were able to target 311 families a day. A total of 90132 loaves of bread were baked from 87 sacks of flour.

Mercy Bakery – Sana’a – 16 st

89610 loaves of baked bread were distributed among 320 families with an average amount of 6 household members per family.

Mercy Bakery & Mercy Kitchen – Al-Hodeida – Al-Salakhana

We were able to target 220 families that were forced to relocate. To provide more assistance, we were able to provide more than just 67200 loaves of baked bread. With your donations, we were able to take it one step further, and also provide Rice and Stew for 28 days, yogurt for 12 days, and half a chicken for 10 days of Ramadan. The total number of fed individuals came out to 6720.

Mercy Bakery & Kitchen – IBB – Ba’adan

This was one of the most helped locations. 515 families were provided dinner in Ramadan. A Grand total of 151200 loaves of bread were baked, Rice and stew for 29 days, yogurt for 12, and half a chicken for 10 days of Ramadan. We are delighted to see how much nutrient-filled food we were able to provide because of your donations!

Mercy Bakery & Mercy Kitchen – IBB – Jibla

During Ramadan, 330 families were fed rice and stew, yogurt, half chicken, and 101700 loaves of bread. Because of your help, 10170 people were provided food during the month of Ramadan. We want to increase the target and double the number of families fed for Ramadan next year.

Mercy Bakery & Mercy Kitchen – Al-Baydha – Rada’a

Continued focus on making sure people have nutrient-enriched food for Ramadan, 300 families were given rice and stew, yogurt, half a chicken, and 95700 loaves of bread.


While all equipment and items of the bakeries that are located outside of Sana’a are delivered from Sana’a (the high quality and the availability is only in Sana’a) the following challenges and risks might be encountered:

  • Are exposed to the risk of highway robbery.
  • Difficulties of using highway roads that are not maintained.
  • Delivering the goods from Sana’a costs more.
  • Delivering the goods through a company is recommended to deliver the goods securely.
  • The continuous increase in prices of goods and foodstuff while the value of the USD is going down.
  • There is a huge crisis in the availability of fuel as petrol and cooking gas are mostly not available in the market with

official prices, and scarcely available in the black market with high prices.


  • After building a good working relationship with the tradesmen, HRD sometimes receives flour in advance from them andpay them back a few days later. (Due to the delay encountered in bank transactions and transfers)
  • Beneficiaries are selected by a field survey done by the staff without the interference of the neighborhood leader, (noting that we don’t rely on local organizations/corporations nor the authorities’ field surveys)

The criteria of the beneficiary’s selection: Low income, orphans, displaced, widows, women with no foster, divorced women.

Ramadan Iftar

Duration (1st to 30th of Ramadhan)

Achievements: Covered the whole families that were targeted with a sufficient amount of meals for the whole month (full nutrition security during Ramadan).

Number of meals: 51618

(Average number of family size = 6 household members)

Number of beneficiaries: 309708

(Meal contains: 2 rice servings, 2 stew servings, yogurt, half chicken, 15 loaves, and samosas)

The meals were distributed as per the chart below:

Ramadan Food Baskets during April 27-29

A number of 360 Ramadhan food baskets were distributed to the vulnerable families in Alnajd Alahmar, Al-Sayani, and other zones in IBB city.

The food basket components:

  1. 25 kg of flour
  2. 10 kg of Al-Saeed sugar
  3. 10 kg of Al-Qemah rice
  4. 4 Liters of oil
  5. 5 packets of Italian spaghetti
  6. 4 packets of noodles
  7. 2 packets of dates

Eid Clothing April 27-29

Eid clothing card cost: 12000 YR

A number of 917 of Eid clothing cards were distributed in Sana’a to the vulnerable families in the zones and areas mentioned


  • Al-Nasr st
  • Habrah
  • Al-Hafah
  • Madhbah
  • Asser
  • Musaik
  • Dar Al-Shawkani Orphanage

Dar Al-Shawkani Orphanage

  • Tables, chairs, windows, plumbing rehabilitation – ongoing.
  • Doors, stairs – pending.
  • Painting, electricity – pending.


Medical Emergency Update

One of the most important project sections of HRD that targets the most urgent and vulnerable health cases. These criteria of the selected patients are: Low income, vulnerable families, health and emergency needs noting that there is no direct cash assistance,

payments are made through hospitals and pharmacies.

HRD has targeted the following patients in March:

  • Cyst removal from the brain, under medical treatment in Azal hospital for Abdullah Abdo Badr Al-Gholi from Sana’a.
  • Osteoporosis in the left thigh bone in AlNubalaa hospital in Sana’a for Fatehi Mohammed Ali Al-Buni from Sana’a.
  • Inguinal Hernia treatment for the child, Wadee Hashim Abdullah Ali from Sana’a in Sawaan hospital.
  • Wood splinter removal for one of Bada’an bakery workers (Ali Naji Al-Soofi ) due to firewood breaking in Al-Majd

hospital (succeed surgery).

  • Gun bullet removal from the back for Montather Ali Sinan from Ibb in Al-Majd hospital (succeed surgery).


  • No challenges were mentioned in Ramadan’s projects.
  • Increment in the number of Ramadan project beneficiaries is recommended, and to be achieved in Ramadhan 2023.
  • 90% of the project’s processing (preparation, planning, and implementation) is going well.
  • Through the staff’s effective teamwork, HRD managed to overcome the circumstances encountered.
  • The projects are planned and implemented in steady steps with the coordination of the finance department and the
  • The problems that have been raised are usually from the targeted parties’ heads and the local authorities.
  • With a Small-sized staff, HRD managed to handle many projects successfully.
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