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Water is a lifeline we often neglect when received in abundance. Yemen remains one of the most water-scarce countries globally. Conflicts have had a strong impact on access to water and adequate sanitation services. 

The WASH sector (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) in Yemen faces serious water scarcity challenges. The situation worsens due to high population growth, urbanization, insufficient funds, and lack of technical capacity.

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Water Crisis in Yemen

According to the UN, roughly 18 million people urgently need WASH assistance as it remains crucial for good health and livelihood. Diarrhea, cholera, and COVID-19 are among the heightened risks Yemenis face in the desperate need of adequate hygiene and water resources.

On top of Yemen facing medical, food, and orphan issues, a looming fuel crisis in Yemen compounds many challenges. In places without wells or water tanks, trucks are the only way to water access. Only one-third of Yemen’s population is connected to piped water, which makes sanitary water provision more important.

Our Response to the Water Crisis in Yemen

HRD is working to provide water and sanitation assistance to the vulnerable population. Seeing how the water quality was harming the community led us to provide clean water to those who need it the most in 2018-2019. Project Water Tanks’ main goal was to install a water tank in underprivileged neighborhoods where it is hard for families to access clean water daily.

Through the program, Yemenis can now enjoy clean water. Consequently, the rate of waterborne and hygiene-related diseases has gone down. More lives are saved through the initiative.

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Our Response to Pakistan's Water Scarcity Crisis

After the recent floods, over 185 million Pakistanis lack access to clean water. Instead, they drink sewage, pesticides, and fertilizers. Only 20% of Pakistanis have access to clean water.
According to a report by Doctors Without Borders, access to clean water is one of Pakistan’s most pressing issues, and the lack of clean water is leading to a rise in diseases and death across the country.
At HRD, we’re building water pumps to provide clean water access in Pakistan. We’re also implementing measures for water management, filtration, and conservation.
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