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UN Leads Rally Cry For More Funding To Millions Of Yemenis In Need

UN Leads Rally Cry For More Funding To Millions Of Yemenis In Need

The United Nations was joined by international NGOs and Yemeni Civil Society Organisation’s in a joint statement urgently appealing for more funding to help the 18.2 million people in need in Yemen.

The call to arms comes after only $0.4 billion of the 2024 Yemen Humanitarian Response Plan requirement of $2.7 billion has been received.


“Today, Yemen is at a crossroads,” the joint statement reads. And, while it acknowledges that slight improvements in humanitarian conditions have been experienced following a truce, the statement also highlights the critical importance of additional funding. “However, we cannot ignore the significant humanitarian needs that remain and that cannot be addressed without adequate funding to respond.”

Following the start of the conflict in 2015, 18.2 million people, which equates to over half of the population – including 14 million women and children – requires humanitarian assistance and protection services.

Worsening Living Conditions

A large portion of the ongoing humanitarian crisis is driven by economic decline, and deteriorating public services and infrastructure. 

In addition, rising food insecurity, the risk of increasing malnutrition rates (especially among pregnant and lactating women, older people and children), alongside the spread of cholera, has exacerbated conditions. Violations of International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law have further worsened the way of life, all of which have contributed towards millions of people being left homeless. 

More funding is critical in preventing further deterioration of the humanitarian situation. The statement adds: “Underfunding poses a challenge to the continuity of humanitarian programming, causing delays, reductions and suspension of lifesaving assistance programmes. These challenges directly affect the lives of millions who depend on humanitarian assistance and protection services for survival.”

Ahmed Al-Tashi, our Program Lead For Yemen, said: “Nine years after the conflict began, millions of Yemenis remain in desperate need of humanitarian support. 

“HRD is on the frontlines of helping those who are most in need. Our life-changing projects, such as Mercy Bakery and Kitchen, and Mercy Village, are helping to rebuild Yemen and provide hope to the people who have lost everything. But, we can’t help drive positive change without the funding and the generous support of all of those who believe in us and our mission.

Together, let’s not just rebuild Yemen, but also rebuild lives, restore hope, and create a brighter future for all.”

You can read the full statement here.

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