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Emergency Appeal

Devastating earthquakes have rippled through Turkey and Syria

With so many in need of help, it is important that we take immediate action to provide support and aid to those affected by the earthquakes. Your donation, no matter how small, can make a big impact in the lives of those who have lost everything. Let us come together and make a difference for those who need it most.

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Turkey-Syria Emergency Appeal

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Calling For Emergency Assistance

The recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria have had a devastating impact on the communities in both countries. The earthquakes have caused widespread destruction to homes, buildings, and infrastructure, leaving thousands of people homeless and without basic necessities such as food, water, and medical care. The death toll has surpassed 5,000, and many more have been injured, adding to the already dire situation.
In the wake of this disaster, it is crucial that we come together to provide support and aid to those who have been affected. With so many people in need, it is important that we take action to help alleviate their suffering and provide them with the resources they need to begin the recovery process.
We are launching an appeal to provide immediate support to those affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Your support can help provide much-needed aid such as food, shelter, and medical supplies to those who are most in need.
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