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Spread Hope
This Ramadan

Donate to those in need before it’s too late. 100% Zakat eligible and tax exempt!

Your Ramadan donations will make a significant impact. We personally deliver aid to the most critical areas in Yemen, Pakistan, Turkey, and Syria.

Vital Ramadan Aid Initiatives To Support

Mission 1 Million Iftar​

This year, our goal is to make a real difference for those who are impoverished in countries like Pakistan and Yemen. With an aim of delivering one million Iftars, we want to ensure that no one goes without food or comfort during this blessed time of Ramadan.

Meals On Wheels

Our Ramadan Meals on Wheels program is designed to bring food and comfort to those in need who are unable to come to our mercy bakery/kitchen locations by personally going to villages and providing much needed nutritious food. Let’s bring hope to those who need it most

30 For 30

Evenly distribute your Ramadan donations with a daily subscription of $30 Dollars for all 30 days of Ramadan to ensure you are not missing out on the great benefits of this Holy Month. Your donations will go towards aiding brothers and sisters in need all Ramadan long

The Power Of Zakat In Ramadan

Donating Zakat during the month of Ramadan has great spiritual significance and can bring immense rewards.

Zakat is a means of purifying one’s wealth and showing compassion for those in need, and by participating in this act of charity, individuals demonstrate their gratitude for the blessings they have received and their commitment to helping those less fortunate. It is a powerful way to bring oneself closer to Allah and experience the transformative power of generosity and selflessness.

In Ramadan, the rewards of giving Zakat are multiplied, with hadiths stating that a single good deed can be rewarded 70 times over. By choosing to donate Zakat during this holy month, donors not only help to address social and economic inequalities and promote community cohesion, but they also have the opportunity to reap significant spiritual benefits. Your generosity and compassion can have a profound impact on the lives of others and bring immense blessings to your own life.


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