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Ramadan Food Baskets

Food, often taken for granted due to its accessibility in many parts of the world, remains a dire necessity in regions like Yemen, where people grapple with severe food insecurity exacerbated by enduring conflict. As of 2024, the food crisis in Yemen has seen both minor improvements and significant setbacks. Despite efforts to mitigate hunger, the threat of famine looms large, with millions still in desperate need of food aid. 

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Ramadan Food Basket

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Ramadan Food Aid for Yemen

As Ramadan approaches, the shadow of food insecurity looms larger, exacerbated by ongoing conflicts and economic downturns. The UN has highlighted a distressing scenario where approximately two million individuals are in urgent need of emergency food assistance to survive, with over 11 million children requiring humanitarian aid. The outlook for the upcoming period is particularly concerning, with projections indicating that the number of people facing acute food insecurity could increase to 3.9 million, including 2.8 million who may suffer from crisis levels of hunger.

Humanity for Relief and Development (HRD) is dedicated to ensuring that the less fortunate can observe Ramadan without the burden of food insecurity. Our Ramadan Food Aid Baskets initiative is designed to provide sustenance and support to those in need during this holy month. Each basket is carefully assembled with essential, non-perishable items tailored to the dietary needs and cultural practices of Ramadan, including rice, flour, eggs, dates (a staple for breaking the fast), oil, beans, sweets, and water, ensuring that families can partake in iftar and suhoor with dignity and peace.

Donate to Feed Yemen

Designed to feed families of five to seven for two months at a time, food aid baskets are delivered to families and individuals who cannot walk to Mercy Bakery and Mercy Kitchens. These food aid baskets are provided free of charge to those in need and all supplies are purchased in Yemen. HRD pays vendors directly and in turn is able to provide people with food that prevents them from starving to death.
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