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Project Qurbani

Project Qurbani

Qurbani, meaning sacrifice in Arabic is the tradition of sharing meat of one’s family with the poor. Animals that are used for consumption must satisfy certain conditions that ensure that they are healthy, free of chronic illnesses or ailment, and the required age (six months for a lamb, one year for a goat, two years for a cow and five years for a camel). By ensuring that animals are free from faults and nurtured leading up to their sacrifice, HRD is able to follow the rules listed in the Qur’an when giving Yemeni people meat. Animals are raised locally by Yemeni farmers and then transported and slaughtered near our facilities. At HRD we like to empower the communities where we work, which us why most of our employees are women and local procurement of food like meat are emphasized.

When you donate, HRD will buy quality animals that satisfy Qurbani standards and feed families. In the cities of Saan’a, Ibb, and Al Zaki, the meat HRD provided to families was the only time during the year that these families had been able to eat meat. Throughout 2020, we have been able to give 592 sheep, goat, and gurbani as well as 11 cows to fight against the hunger the people of Yemen are facing. If you would like give individuals and families quality meat, consider donating to Qurbani year-round at our donation page: .


“That they may witness benefits for themselves and mention the name of Allah on known days over what He has provided for them of cattle. So eat of them and feed the poor.” – The Holy Qur’an, 22:28


August 27, 2020