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Medical Relief

HRD Global / Medical Relief

Medical Relief

What if saving your life was an operation away? Project Medical Relief seeks to alleviate the financial burden of receiving medical assistance for Yemeni people in need. In Yemen, most civilians are unable to receive the care and services they desperately need to survive. Frequent airstrikes and conflict have resulted in some hospitals no longer being operational due to being hit or previous deplorable conditions. Given how healthcare workers are unable to be paid and operational costs for some facilities are not being covered, vulnerable populations like children are at higher risk of dying from malnutrition and diseases. In September 2020, the UN Situation reported how the closure of health facilities caring for 1.8 million people and reduced food aid for 8 million people during a famine is harming the population.


There are 19.7 million people who lack access to basic health services and less than 50 percent of health facilities are functioning. War wounds, famine, cholera, COVID-19, and torrential rains have all combined to impact the population and a fragile healthcare system. Moreover, Yemen’s fuel crisis is forcing the cost of essential items, healthcare, and transport to increase. Hospitals across the country need fuel as they rely on electric generators to have functioning operating theatres, blood blanks and labs, and petrol ambulances. It is the civilians who suffer the short-term and long-term consequences if we do not rise up to help.

Our Response

Here at HRD we believe it is our moral obligation to assist in the survival of the Yemeni people. Many people lost their jobs throughout the war, Project Medical Relief is an alternative for people who do not have the means to obtain medical assistance otherwise. Despite scarce supplies and access to drinking water and sanitation, we want to help the people of Yemen to the furthest extent. At HRD, we do not want people to have to choose between food and their health. Through Project Medical Relief, we reach out and help those who do not have the financial means to pay for medical services. When someone needs an operation or some other form of medical care, we pay for those expenses. By paying for someone’s medical care, we hope to make the Yemeni population healthier and stronger.



July 14, 2021


HRD-Projects, Yemen