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Journey of Project Water Tank

HRD Global / Journey of Project Water Tank

Journey of Project Water Tank

The Challenge

Water, a lifeline we often neglect when received in abundance. Yemen remains one of the most water scarce countries in the world. Conflict has had a strong impact on access to water and adequate sanitation services. The WASH sector (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) in Yemen is facing serious challenges of water scarcity, high population growth, urbanization, insufficient funds, and lack of technical capacity. According to the UN, roughly 18 million are in urgent need of WASH assistance as it remains crucial for good health and livelihood. Diarrhea, cholera, and COVID-19 are amongst some of the heightened risks Yemeni people face in the desperate need for adequate hygiene and water resources. A looming fuel crisis in Yemen comprises the access people will have to water as in places without wells, tanks of water and trucks distributing water are the only way water can be accessed. The fact that only one-third of Yemen’s population is connected to a water pipe makes the work to provide sanitary water more important.

HRD’S Response and Results

HRD is working to provide water and sanitation assistance to vulnerable populations. Seeing how contaminated water was harming community members, made us want to provide clean water to those who need it the most through an initiative in 2018-2019. Project Water Tanks’ main goal was to be able to install a water tank in underprivileged neighborhoods where it is hard for families to gain access to clean water on a daily basis. When individuals have maintained water tanks in their neighborhoods, they are able to avoid exposure to countless diseases. Installing water tanks in neighborhoods also saves women and children from having to move to areas for water and instead focus on other needs. By filling the water tank on a constant basis, families are able to take large bottles to be filled from the tank for their daily chores. We aim to expand the project to provide clean drinkable water bottles to be distributed across the neighborhoods.


July 14, 2021


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