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Al-Shawkany Orphanage

Al-Shawkany Orphanage

The Dar Al-Shawkani Orphanage Foundation is a governmentally recognized orphanage that has been one of the most important projects that Humanity for Relief and Development has worked on implementing since 2019. The orphanage has been able to provide a safe haven for 400 orphans who have lost everything, including their families to the conflicts.

How are children being affected by ongoing conflict and war?

It might be easy for fortunate ones like us to take our parents for granted. But for these orphans, it is difficult to live a life filled with parent’s attention, love, and care. These kids can only wonder what it is like to have a parent. Still, they’re innocently playing… and enjoying their childhood.



To add insult to injury, they are being heavily influenced by Yemen’s ongoing conflict and war. Due to this, nearly 12.3 million children are in need of humanitarian assistance and more than 2.4 million children under the age of 5 are at risk of malnutrition.

Without having anyone to guide them, they are exposed to triple threats: hunger, disease, and conflict. At the same time, they are forced to be recruited in armed forces and groups. Their life continues to head in a direction that only guarantees pain and despair.


A man without education is like a building without foundation.

At the age of playing with paper and pen, they’ve been forced to play with loneliness and starvation. 

Childhood is a very vulnerable stage in which a child must absorb as much information and knowledge that he/she can. They are not meant to be neglected -or worse, exploited amidst rising conflict.

They have a whole life ahead of them which should be filled with productive and creative challenges for personal growth. Not with memories of guns and dead bodies. Their time is to be well spent with books and creative tasks. They should be able to receive a quality education, parental care, and health facilities.

To nourish them with personalized attention and care is equally important is our main goal.


What is AI-Shawkany doing to improve their quality of life?

(Important: Registration is still going on and the orphanage are taking in more children every day)

Due to the conflict, the orphanage also has been affected. More specifically, doors, windows, and walls have been damaged due to violence. With the completion of this orphanage, we’ll be able to provide… daily meals, reliable electricity through solar panels, 107 separate beds for each child, furniture, and other essentials (bed, blanket, pillows, carpet, and closets), and a safe home for more than 100+ orphans.


(Update: Orphanage is now open along with Mercy Clinic to provide medical care to the children.)

Our goal is to provide them an environment where they do not have to worry about basic necessities such as a roof over their head, food on the table, formal education, etc, where they are free from war activity and conflict and supply them with recreational activities so that we can uplift and nurture them into their full potential 

Our long-term goal is to rejuvenate the country with masters and valedictorians who will contribute to the nation in bettering the country instead of taking it decades (or even centuries) back.


March 1, 2021


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