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People In Gaza Are Starving To Death As Famine Approaches

A new report has shown that 1.1 million people in Gaza, or half the population, have completely exhausted their food supplies and are struggling with “catastrophic” hunger and starvation. This is the largest number of people ever documented as facing these levels of hunger recorded by the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC).

The IPC report shows that famine is expected to arrive between now and May in Gaza’s two northern governorates, where there are around 300,000 people who remain trapped.

Time Is Running Out

The Executive Director of the World Food Programme (WFP), Cindy McCain, said that time is running out to prevent a famine.

“People in Gaza are starving to death right now,” she said in a press release issued by the WFP.

“The speed at which this man-made hunger and malnutrition crisis has ripped through Gaza is terrifying.

“There is a very small window left to prevent an outright famine and to do that we need immediate and full access to the north. If we wait until famine has been declared, it’s too late. Thousands more will be dead.”

Emergency Food Insecurity

One in three children below the age of two in the North Gaza governorate are acutely malnourished, meaning they are dangerously thin for their height, putting them at risk of death.
The southern governorates are also at danger of slipping into famine conditions by July, shortly after their northern counterparts.
Throughout all of Gaza, 88% of the population are facing emergency or worse food insecurity.

Calls For Ceasefire

However, according to the WFP report, famine can be halted if aid organizations are granted full access to provide food, water, nutrition products, medicines, health and sanitation services to the entire population. But for this to be possible, a ceasefire must be declared.
At least 300 trucks will have to enter Gaza every day to give out food, especially in the north, to address the basic nutrition needs that the people are facing.

How You Can Help

By partnering with other organizations, we are committed to playing our part in helping those who are stuck in Gaza.

Alongside Pious Projects and GiftingHumanity, who are on the ground in Gaza, we are working to deliver food and aid to those who are most in need.

There’s a long road ahead, but with a famine looming, the people of Gaza need your help now more than ever. However much or little you can contribute could make a world of difference.

Help with whatever you can by donating today.

WFP’s full press release can be read here.

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