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HRD to Feed 1 Million People This Ramadan

HRD To Feed 1 Million People This Ramadan 

We’ve once again set ourself the ambitious goal of providing one million iftar meals to some of the world’s poorest communities this Ramadan.

Our ‘1 Million Iftars’ campaign will provide much needed sustenance for people in Gaza, Yemen, and Pakistan during one of our most important months of the year – Ramadan.

Ramadan, which this year runs from March 10 to April 9, is observed by Muslims around the world as a month of fasting, prayer, forgiveness, reflection and community. To honor Muhammad’s (PBUH) first revelation, those who observe Ramadan fast at the first morning prayer before sunrise, and break it at sunset with a meal called an iftar.

However, many people who fast are already lacking sufficient nutrition and living in extreme hunger. HRD’s ‘1 Million Iftars’ campaign will provide warm and nutritious meals to those people, ensuring that their health remains paramount.

Maeen Ali, our Founder and CEO, said: “Fasting can bring challenges at the best of times. But, imagine fasting when you already haven’t eaten for days and you don’t even know when you’ll be eating your next meal.

“That’s the harsh reality for millions of people who observe Ramadan around the world.

“Not everybody has the luxury of enjoying a nutritious meal when the sun goes down during Ramadan. Our ‘1 Million Iftars’ campaign provides much needed sustenance to some of the world’s poorest communities during one of the most important months of the year.

“Eating out or ordering in might just be part of our weekly routine for many of us, but buying a meal for people who really need it is an extraordinary act of kindness that will be remembered long after the meal is over.”

Each meal costs an average of $2 to produce, although this may vary depending on the location and local economy. The ingredients are sourced locally and consist of nutritious food such as rice, meat and vegetables.

Ahmed Al-Tashi, our Program Manager for Yemen, said: “Following its success last year, we’re excited to be running our ‘1 Million Iftars’ campaign once again.

“Words can’t express the gratitude shown on the faces of people who received a free, nutritious meal during Ramadan last year, and I can’t wait to see those faces light up once again.

“It might not sound like a lot to us, but knowing that people are thinking about them during this special time of year can be a sign of hope and unity to people living in extreme hunger.”

You can support our ‘1 Million Iftars’ campaign by donating a meal here.

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