Rebuilding lives for futures.

Our goal is to extend support globally, reach countries facing humanitarian issues and provide the necessary aid.

We Lend a Hand

HRD is the result of friends and community pulling together to find a way to help the less fortunate. We are dedicated to alleviating the suffering caused by the ongoing conflict in Yemen.

Relief For All

We assist both families and individuals around the globe who go without essential needs. We aim to provide support through amnesty projects that deliver nutritional, medical, and economic relief.

Our Mission

To improve the lives of individuals and families affected by the war in Yemen through a range of sustainable projects, providing tangible results with a positive impact.

Why donate to HRD?

Losing loved ones throughout the war ignited our desire to help Yemen people who have suffered due to the protracted conflicts. Our initial project was opening Mercy Bakeries to provide at least 28,000 loaves of bread a day to families in need.
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