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To further extend all of our helping hands and continue to fight against the struggles of starvation.

End of The Year Reflection & Gratitude

As the end of the year approaches, it's timely to reflect on what we've accomplished as a team and to set our sights on what we want to achieve in the coming year. But first and foremost, the entire HRD family would like to sincerely thank each and every one of our kind hearted donors for making contributions that have helped us make remarkable progress this year in reaching and helping as many people as we possibly could.

Over 100,000 Starving

We are truly grateful for your generosity and continued support. Without you, over 100,000 people would still be starving and would not know when their next meal will come.

More Bakeries in Yemen

The success of project Mercy Bakery & Kitchen, in terms of how many hungry families and individuals were fed, we have a sense of urgency to open up at least two more bakeries in Yemen.

The Goal To Finish Off The Year

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Our end of the year goal is to raise $200k by Saturday, December 17th. This will allow us to build two more bakeries as each bakery will cost $100k to build, and hit the double digit mark of at least 10 bakeries that have been built. What seemed like just a dream, has become a reality, and we could not be more grateful and touched by our united community.

As we continue to focus on the bakeries we have, the situation in Yemen is so dire, that we are ramping up our efforts to place bakeries in more troubled and poverty stricken areas across Yemen.

As always this can’t be done without your support. Your kindness will not be overlooked as we will invite all donors to a celebratory dinner event on Saturday, December 3rd. HRD board members will be in attendance as guests of honor.

This dinner event is solely to thank our donors and treat you to a special night. No fundraising will be done during this dinner, as it is a celebratory event to further connect with likeminded people who share the same ideology as we do, to provide relief and hope to our less fortunate brothers and sisters.

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End of the Year Fundraisers

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We are excited to potentially reach the goal of building

two more bakeries and to host a special night and celebrate all the lives you have touched and quite possibly saved through your donations. Please donate any amount that you can, and we truly look forward to seeing you soon!

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