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All Children deserve a Blessed Eid

Eid is supposed to be a time filled with joy, but for many children in undeveloped countries unfortunately don’t have the luxury to celebrate.

Donate now and ensure children get clothes and gifts and get to enjoy an Eid with happiness and an experience they rarely get to have!

Eid Gift for Orphans - $50 per gift

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Surprise Orphas with Eid Gifts

For the vast majority of  orphaned children, receiving an Eid gift remains a mere fantasy. Numerous kids lack even the most fundamental essentials for survival. They have suffered through drought, starvation, conflict, and displacement from their homes. Countless children have tragically lost their parents.

Lets come together and give them a surprise and give them an Eid they’ll never forget!

Abu Sa’id Al-Khadri reported,

“The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) would go out on the days of Eid and lead the prayer. When the Prophet finished the prayer and invoked peace, he would stand and turn to people while they were sitting in their places of prayer. If he needed to dispatch an expedition, he would mention it to the people. If he had another need, he would order them regarding it. The Prophet would say three times, “Give in charity.” The women would give the most of those who gave, then the Prophet would return.
[Sahih Muslim]
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